Risata il Rosso

I have found that I’m beginning to like wine more and more over the years. I’m not a big drinker, but my boyfriend’s parents came to visit so I wanted to pick up a bottle to have with dinner. Since I don’t particularly like wine, I went with a sweet red, which I understand, is not very respectable in the world of winos. Regardless, I actually really loved the wine we got: Risata il Rosso. According to the bottle, ‘risata’ means laughter in Italian, which is always a good sign, and it tastes of cherries and strawberries. I picked up on a mixed berries sort of flavor, but the cherry didn’t really stand out to me. This delicious, sparkling, sweet red wine, however, won me over and I actually had two glasses at dinner! I hardly ever finish a glass, so everyone was stunned to see me refill my glass.

I highly recommend this delicious gem of a wine that I picked up for a scant $14.00 at a Fresh Market. I served it with an Italian beans and rice dish (Riso e Fagioli) which turned out to pair really nicely. The food was hearty and earthy, so I liked the way the sweetness of the wine contrasted, and then I cut up a Honeycrisp apple to serve for desert (non-dairy deserts are often rather depressing, but fresh fruit is always a winner in my book) and it went really well! Even my boyfriend, who isn’t usually in to sweets or fruit commented on how well the wine paired with the apple.

I will definitely be purchasing another bottle of this soon and keeping it on hand for a summer evening of entertaining as well as for an evening spent cuddled up with a blanket and a good book. I hope you can find a bottle in your area! It would be well worth your search. Cheers!

Bella Bolle' Moscato D'Asti

I am definitely not big on drinking, but I do enjoy trying new drinks once in a while. Not too long ago, I was picking up a few groceries and found a whole shelf of this wine on sale (admittedly not the best sign when it comes to wines), and decided to buy a bottle. I am so decidedly not a wine connoisseur that I might even come off as ignorant here, but I was so impressed by the fruitiness and lightness of this Moscato that I had to share.

Bella Bolle’ Moscato D’Asti claims to have “vibrant flavors and aromas of stone fruit, tangerines, and honey,” and it definitely lives up to this. The honey is subtle, more a consistent sweetness than a specific honey flavor, but the tangerine/citrus flavor is surprising, refreshing, and delightful! Rather than a tangerine flavor though, I was more reminded of a sweetened grapefruit, one of my favorite fruits, and was really impressed by the vibrancy of the citrus. However, I’ve heard from others that they thought it tasted like a more sophisticated sparkling grape juice. Either way, what’s not to love?!

So, when you are preparing for holiday parties, in-laws, and/or are stressed out about all of the cooking you have yet to do, pick up a bottle of this. I’m always up for a break from dry reds!

NOTE: If you invite me to a dinner party, I will probably show up with a bottle of this. You might want to save it for later so you don’t have to share it. This wine is definitely that good.