Paper Source Foil-Embossed Calendar

Paper goods are just behind books on my list of favorite things. I start shopping for cards for people months before their birthday or other holidays in which card-giving is socially acceptable, and will often find myself unable to resist buying multiple cards for the same person for a single holiday. To that end, Paper Source is one of my favorite places to satisfy my addiction to paper goods, and although they have great cards and gifts, this calendar has to be one of my favorite finds of all time. It is currently sitting on my desk, and I keep pausing in  my work just to appreciate how beautiful it is! Furthermore, foil embossing is such a cool process and this calendar is a great conversation starter on the topic.

I know we’re already a little ways into 2013, but having an extra calendar or getting around to buying your first calendar for the new year, is always a good idea. Better yet, it’s on sale now: $10. You know you want it!

Book-A-Day: January 16-31

Here is the rest of January’s books:

1/16 -17: Freckles (by Gene Stratton-Porter) This and A Girl of the Limberlost remind me of my childhood and Indiana. I grew up playing outside in our vegetable garden and in Holcombe Gardens on Butler University’s campus, and although my childhood was in a very different era than the setting of these books, I never fail to appreciate the attention paid to the natural characteristics of the land and animal life in that part of the country. These books are a celebration of progress and self-improvement through dedication to the land/nature which is a concept I respect and strive to achieve,  but progress and preservation of nature are and historically have been considered incongruous concepts. I recommend it for young adults and adult readers who are interested in early twentieth century regional fiction, or any mid-level or better reader interested in nature.

1/18: After Milk and Song (by Erin Mullikin) This is another South Carolina Poetry Initiative chapbook winner, but it happens to be authored by one of my classmates at Clemson. It appears to be currently unavailable, but if you get the chance to read a copy of it, Mullikin’s poems delve deeply into the loss of a parent and reflection on how pieces of them and the lessons they taught you live on. They are beautifully done, and I highly recommend watching out for more works to come by her.

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Book -A-Day: January 1-15

Okay, so I have set a (kind of) crazy goal for myself: reading a book each day in 2013. That is on top of working full time, trying to cook healthy meals regularly, stay in shape, maintaining a clean and organized household, keeping up with this blog, and still having a social life…like I said, crazy. I thought posting about it here would offer a little more accountability and it would provide a huge amount of information about books! Therefore, I am going to post a list of all the books I read in January with a brief review of each and a link to the book on Amazon in case you want to pick up a copy for yourself.

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