Book-A-Day Update

As happens to most people, my resolution to read a book every day in the year 2013 came to an end in February. By mid-February I was running approximately 4 days behind schedule, but quickly fell impossibly further behind when the next several books on my list were close to 1,000 pages each. Needless to say,  books of that length would have been problematic for my goal even if I did not have a full-time job.

Over the next few weeks I’ll post highlights of the books I’ve read as part of this goal and since then, and I’ll also post some new recipes I’ve been developing. Now that I’m not spending every waking moment (and then some) scrambling to read books on pace, I’ll have time to write more reviews of what I am reading and cooking up in the kitchen.

I am really looking forward to getting back to the blogging. In the meantime, I hope you’ve got some lovely spring weather to enjoy! Cheerio!