Wilder Quarterly

The best thing about gardening (if you’re doing it right) is that it creates beauty, self sufficiency, and food all at the same time! Wilder Quarterly is an awesome new quarterly about gardening in a contemporary and often urban setting. The themes of fermentation that I’ve seen in the Lucky Peach quarterly, food magazines, and recent literary journals also made it in to the fall issue of Wilder. While Wilder has a bunch of unique things to say and share with the world, it also is keeping up with the latest movements in the food world which makes this quarterly so well balanced with my interests that it is amazing.

I read through the first issue as soon as it came and loved it. Unfortunately it was as close to winter as we get in South Carolina so it was no time to be running outside to start a garden, but I was, none-the-less, quite inspired. What’s even better is that this quarterly donates part of their subscription price to the Fresh Air Fund, helping to provide a free summer camp to children from underprivileged communities. How can you go wrong with that?!

There is a lot about seasonal gardening, as well as essays on historical practices of urban gardening (like “a primer in seed bombing and guerrilla gardening”) and contemporary urban gardening (like Truck Farms), and recipes! When I think of my childhood, I primarily think of playing in gardens and eating tomatoes, peppers, and raspberries right off the plants. I seek out those tastes and sensory experiences in local farmer’s markets, but it’s not the same as stepping outside to pick the vegetables and fruits for breakfast/lunch/dinner and creating delicious meals out of the pickings. Closely associated with these memories is my love of Ball jars and all of their glorious versatility. This quarterly definitely helps me to¬†reminisce¬†and plan my future gardens and near-future potted plant varieties!

Out of this issue I am especially looking forward to trying out Yuka Yamamoto’s recipe for Mixed Pickled Vegetables and Nathalie Weisner’s Pear Syrup. As the weather warms and the ground softens, I am more than ever eager to find a place to grow some herbs and tomatoes since I’m still living in an apartment. For the time being, I suppose I’ll have to manage with the CSA and challenge myself to learn more recipes and incorporate even more veggies in to my diet.

If you share my interest in gardening and/or food, you should definitely check out this beautiful quarterly. The pictures and tips are excellent and the content is fascinating! To order a single issue or a one-year subscription, check out the website here.

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